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Our Story

In 1987 a Billy the Kid museum opened in Hico, Texas. This museum was founded on the belief that a man named Brushy Bill Roberts was the real Billy the Kid and had escaped the bullets of Pat Garrett in 1881. Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang founders firmly believed this to be untrue and that Billy was killed and buried in Fort Sumner.

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Shortly after this museum in Hico opened, Maryln Bowlin of Taiban, New Mexico gathered a group of like-minded locals and together founded the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang.  Their purpose in starting the Outlaw Gang was to protect the true and well-researched history of William H. Bonney, a.k.a. Billy the Kid.


For over thirty-five years the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang has worked with state historians and the highway department to erect many historical markers throughout the state. These sites mark places of importance in the lives of William Bonney and his peers. The Gang also publishes journals filled with historical research and brochures directed toward tourists and New Mexico residents promoting these sites.


Membership tallies for the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang number in the hundreds—people from all over the U.S. and several different countries.

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