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2015 - Las Vegas, New Mexico

The BTKOG owes Bob McCubbin a big “thank you” for introducing us to Las Vegas historian, Marcus Gottschalk. Marcus was absolutely instrumental in making this year’s Billy the Kid days a memorable one. He started off the weekend with a presentation about the history of Las Vegas and what it was like when Billy was there. 

Afterwards, Marcus took us around the historic Plaza where we retraced the steps of outlaws, entrepreneurs, and vigilantes. The next morning Marcus showed us around the old rail town side of Las Vegas where Billy boarded the train to Santa Fe and an angry mob emerged to demand the release of Olinger. For our final tour, Marcus handed the reigns over to Kathy Hendrickson (from who led us through the World College northwest of town. While it had nothing to do with Billy the Kid (other than it being on the site of the Adobe Hotel where Billy allegedly met Jesse James) it was a great glimpse into the history of Las Vegas.

Thanks to Marcus Gottschalk, Kathy Hendrickson, and everyone who joined us in Las Vegas for our 28th
annual Billy the Kid Days!

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