A+ Research

A student recently reached out to let us know she was able to use the information on our site for a school project on Westward Expansion.  We're very happy to hear this because our main goal is to educate about Billy the Kid and his era.  She also let us know that during her research she came across a pretty useful timeline of Billy the Kid's life as well as other Old West personalities:

All About Billy the Kid and Other Famous Criminals of the Wild West

Thanks so much for the tip, Corrine!  Good luck on your project!

New Merch!

We've got new shirt designs!  Click below to be redirected to the t-shirt shop--lots of colors and styles available.

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Reading List

BTKOG member, Richard Etulain has published two new books about Billy the Kid this summer.  They can be found at the University of Oklahoma Press website by clicking the images below.

Congratulations, Richard!

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Historical Maps

During Old Lincoln Days we were lucky enough to meet Billy Roberts, a cartographer who creates historically-accurate maps of Billy the Kid Country and the Old West. When he’s finished, Billy plans on releasing all of his maps as a single book but for now you can buy fine-art prints of Billy the Kid's New Mexico, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Cattle Trails of Texas.


Check out his site here: www.oldwestmaps.com 

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Email Hack

Twice in the past few weeks our BTKOG1987@yahoo.com email has been hacked and sent out suspicious emails to everyone who's ever emailed us.  I just want to warn everyone that if you get something that looks odd from our email address to just delete it.  Anything official we send will reference Billy the Kid in some way or another.

Richard M. Brewer

We announced last year that one of our old members who had recently passed away left us his manuscript on a biography of Dick Brewer.  We asked historian Elise Gomber, who has been researching Brewer for years, to edit and annotate Harry’s book.  The book is finally finished and available in our store for purchase.