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The Story of Richard M. Brewer

1850-1878 - Frontier Fighter, Farmer, Cowboy

by Harry Leighton with notes and commentary by Elise Gomber



The Story of Richard M. Brewer - Paperback

  • Dick Brewer is a character in New Mexico history who usually gets overshadowed because of his connection to the larger-than-life figure of Billy the Kid. But while Billy is probably the most well known player in the history of Lincoln County, Dick Brewer’s role is no less important.


    In this book Harry Leighton sheds some light on the man who sought justice after his boss and friend, John Tunstall, was murdered by the corrupt Murphy/Dolan faction. It was Dick Brewer who organized the Regulators and led them in their fight to right the wrong that had ignited the Lincoln County War.


    With notes and commentary by historian, Elise Gomber, The Story of Richard M. Brewer: 1850-1878 Frontier Fighter, Farmer, Cowboy, follows Brewer from his home in Wisconsin to his new life in New Mexico and his entanglement with one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of the state.

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